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Everything that you have ever wanted to know about garage door repair. Tips that always work. Great ideas put in a simple way for everyone to understand! Simple ways to ensure great garage door operation.  Do you want to better understand your garage door? We promise that these tips will help you.

How to eliminate squeaking

All automatic garage door systems operate with a particular degree of noise. However, if your system has begun to squeak or make a straining noise when it is operating, it could be easily corrected. Our company advises that the underlying reason for the noise is generally a lack of lubricant. Apply lubricant to any moving parts. This will spread as you operate the door and eliminate the noise. It is also worthwhile checking that all screws or bolts are securely fastened.

Choose the correct model when purchasing a new opener

It is important to select the correct horse power when choosing a new opener. There are a variety of power options but if your motor is underpowered it will struggle raising the door, while overpowered models will waste energy. Aluminum and fiberglass doors are generally light enough to only require a ½ HP model, but if your door is constructed from steel or wood you will need ¾ HP.

Learn your garage door opener’s emergency release functions

As garage door openers require power to operate, this can be quite distressing when your home suffers a power outage. Our experts remind you that these openers are often equipped with emergency release functions that allow you to open the garage door without power.

Invest in an opener with rolling code technology for maximum security

This technology changes the code automatically after each use. This lowers the risk of thieves learning the code and using it to break in. This technology is one of the most effective security features according to our experts.

Test the reverse mechanism monthly

The reverse mechanism of the electric garage door opener should be checked at least one month since it's the most important safety feature but can also be easily misaligned. Due to its position at the lowest parts of the door, sensors can be accidentally pushed by pedestrians or cars. Use their fasteners to re-align them.

Force setting maintenance

For doors with automatic systems, you should check the closing force of your doors. Start with an open garage door. Close the door using a transmitter or button. Try to prevent the door from closing by holding your hands against it and keep it steady. If the door does not reverse and continues closing, back away immediately. Adjustments should be made to make the garage door's closing force weaker.

Don't play with fire

When you have garage door problems and especially when these problems are associated with the springs and cables or the garage door opener sensors, take immediate precautions. Call our professionals for garage door repairs. Unsolved problems of such magnitude might cost you in terms of your safety and security. This is the last thing you want.

Protecting your garage door hinges

Garage door hinges are typically the most prone to corrosion. Depending on their design, rain can easily seep into hinges and greatly shorten their lifespan. Make a habit of oiling or greasing the hinges of your garage door, and periodically check for signs of rusting or squeaking. A few minutes over the weekend can spare you hefty maintenance and repair costs in the long run.

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