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Do remote controls require maintenance?

Remote controls are not demanding but you need to make sure their communication with the opener is good to avoid lockouts and unpleasant surprises. The only thing you need to do is keep them clean inside and out and if you want to protect your garage opener remote, you must keep it away from kids. Do yourself a favor and keep some extra batteries in the vehicle because they will certainly die at the most inconvenient moment.

Why doesn't the garage door open when I press the remote?

You don't have many options and if you are in the garage, try activating the door by the wall switch. If the garage door is opening, you need to check the batteries and dust accumulated in the inner circuit of the garage door clicker. Keep in mind that if there was a power cut, the remote control may have lost communication with the opener and you will need to reprogram it.

What does the number gauge of steel mean?

Steel gauging refers to the thickness and strength of steel. The lower the gauge number, you will find the stronger and thicker the quality of steel.  For example, 27 gauge steel is thinner and weaker than 24-gauge steel. The exception to this is when the garage door is constructed using sandwiching techniques. If a door is constructed with two steel skins of 27-gauge with a bonded and insulated core, it will actually have a stronger construction than a 24-gauge steel frame door.

Does the rollup garage door automatically stop when an obstacle gets in the way?

Yes, the modern rollup garage doors available in the market today come with the auto-reverse feature, which is part of the current market standards. This implies that these kinds of doors will automatically retract if there are any obstacles detected. This feature will reduce any damage to your belongings and minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. Some models are fitted with safety beams and this addition can detect any obstacles before being hit so that it can prevent any problems or issues.

Why does my garage door move slowly?

Several garage door parts could be responsible for the slow pace of the panel. Make sure the cable is not loose and the extension springs for garage doors are strong and flexible. Rusty tracks could decelerate the movement of the door or check the garage door opener.

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